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Photos from my Instagram: @christeenidle 

Sometimes I’m bored so I recreate stuff. Hahahaha

Pictures from my Instagram: @christeenidle

Artwork by: @laruuhh 


Another collaboration with Hello Miss Dar and Mica! 

Comparison video here:

Victoria’s Secret has always been a classic brand. We did the best we could to do a remake of one of their advertisements and this is what came out! For people on a tight budget, I think we did a pretty good job! :) 

Credits: Hello Miss Dar 

Teaser of our Victoria’s Secret inspired video shoot! Can’t wait to see the outcome!! <3 

Teaser of our Victoria’s Secret inspired video shoot! Can’t wait to see the outcome!! <3 

Body Electric

This is one of my best friends since highschool, Junina. She’s probably the most eccentric, flexible, and edgy models that I know. It’s funny because we’ve known each other for nearly a decade and this is the first shoot we’ve done together hahaha. So yeah. Enjoy! 

Credits: Sophiaphotography (one of the best photographers I know!)

Mica won the Entrep’s finest title last September 20 at Miriam College and is now in the running to compete at the Bb. Katipunera pageant! I’m blessed to have been her (only) entourage that day even if we looked silly doing everything on our own, it’s okay because it was all worth it! She won Best in Talent, Miss Congeniality, and in Casual Wear. I know, I know, the makeup I did on her wasn’t shown properly in this post, I forgot my camera, I’m so sorry. Hahahaha. Everything about her looks are simple to let her personality shine through. Her hair for the casual wear was a low ponytail with a little curl for that bouncy, whimsical effect. Her makeup was very earthy and natural - naturally pink blush and pink lips. For the evening wear, I just put her in a bun which turned out to look perfect with the crown and the accessories were hers. I changed up her lips to a sultry red color and added gold on her eyes.

Anyway, I’m just so proud of my friend and favorite client because she just went ahead and let herself go and she did a really great job. 

Photos are from my Instagram account. 

A little bit out of context because this is my portfolio but this is me while working. Yup, I don’t really care much about what I look like, as long as the models/actors look good, I’m happy. :) 

Thanks for the shots, Desperada-ish team! Loved so much working with you and being part of the production! 

In this photoset: Carol Navarro and Mavi Lozano 

Desperada-ish (part 1)

Last September, I was involved in a student film production and these are some of the looks that we came up with for the lead female actress. The title of the movie was Desperada-ish and it stars Carol Navarro and Mavi Lozano. I had the best time working with the production team and the actors and actresses! Their movie releases some time in November! I’ll be sure to post updates on my blog about it.  

HMUA: Christine San Diego

Mica Ballerina

I had the chance to work with Mica again. She modeled for one of our friend’s, Rae Anne, finals plate and she had to look like a prima ballerina as seen above. 

I’m happy to be part of this because it was showcased in campus together with other finals plates of that subject. Thank you for the opportunity, Rae! :)

HMUA | Photo: Christine San Diego